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Geberit UK have selected Christchurch Bathrooms as one of their specialist retailers. We have been successfully supplying and installing Geberit frames for around 10 years, and all our bathroom fitters have been specially trained so that each installation is completed to perfection.

We are finding more of our customers are opting for wall hung solutions once they have heard all the fantastic advantages over traditional floor standing toilets. Across Europe the vast majority of their market is wall hung and Geberit are the global leading supplier of wall hung frames. Listed below are some of the key points which separate Geberit from their competitors:

  • Geberit WC frames can take up to 400kg of weight (63 stone). Please be assured that, once installed by our specially trained Geberit bathroom fitters, you will never have to worry about it ‘taking your weight’ or coming off the wall.
  • No access panel is required as any parts that could potentially fail are all accessed through the flushplate. However for ultimate peace of mind all parts are covered by a full 5 year guarantee.
  • Geberit WC frames are adjustable in height to accommodate people with knee, back or mobility problems. Prior to installation we always discuss with customers to approve the height before the final first fix phase.
  • Geberit cisterns are all eco-friendly with flushes of only 4 and 6 litres.

Wall hung solutions will always make your bathroom appear larger as you have more floor space available to the eye. Added to this all unsightly pipework is hidden, it creates a far smaller surface area to keep clean and is, without question, more hygienic.

These are just some of the advantages of our beautiful wall hung systems, so why not Contact Us to arrange a visit to our showrooms to come and see the advantages for yourself?

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