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Duravit logo


Duravit logo

Duravit has a history which can be dated back as far as 1817. Known for making some of the world’s finest sanitary ware, this German company has been specialising in porcelain and ceramics for bathrooms since the 1950s and its quality is simply exceptional. Added to this Duravit’s belief in sustainability, and you have a company whose ethics match the level of their quality of product.

Many World renowned designers have worked with Duravit over the years. The likes of Lord Norman Foster and Philippe Starck have all had a hand in creating designs which have stood the test of time, still looking entirely up to date decades later. It is this lasting design quality that led Christchurch Bathrooms to work with Duravit, and it’s a decision we have never looked back upon. We fully know and understand that when we design you a new bathroom, it needs to last not just five, but maybe fifteen or twenty years and beyond. The choice of product is critical to that. Whether using their premium or their entry-level ranges, Duravit’s products will stand the test of time, not just in terms of quality and use, but also in terms of their design.

It’s in everything they do.

Why not Contact Us to visit our newly refurbished showrooms to view our stunning Duravit displays.

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