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Working within small spaces – when the only bathroom is restricted, yet must remain fully functional

Miss H, Mudeford

Our client’s bathroom space was considerably limited. Although it was a good shape, a simple box, the dimensions in which to work with were quite small. There was originally a bath running wall to wall, a WC and a very small basin under the window all very close together. We felt it looked very cramped and could benefit from a complete redesign.

Our client was happy with the suggestion of using an Impey wetroom instead of reinstalling a bath. This would give considerably more room in the bathroom. We utilised a recess in the bathroom to re-site the WC and basin and used our wall hung Duravit range to show even more of the floor. Even this small recess would have the effect of making the floor space larger by sitting the WC and basin slightly back from the shower. We felt a simple basin with semi-pedestal would look best as we did not want any furniture to encroach the room, but instead built a recessed shelf under the basin to store some of Miss H’s essentials. The WC was placed next to the basin to allow maximum space to access the shower. A larger mirror was then added to the space above the basin to bounce even more light around the room and to add depth. One of the biggest benefits of the original room was a large window giving ample natural light.

The Hansgrohe shower was installed to the left of the main door to give best space in the shower. This also meant the screen would be away from the window and we wouldn’t have any problems with screens overlapping the natural light coming in. It also meant we could install a small towel radiator at the end of the shower area giving immediate access for warm towels after showering. The simple and elegant design with level access shower would be not only entirely functional but very easy to keep clean too.

To finish the design, we opted to keep the floor and wall tiles very light soas not to make the room feel smaller. We used porcelain tiles from our stunning naturaleItaliano range which had a faint limestone feature to them. This gave a natural stone finish but without the problems of needing to reseal natural stone. Porcelain tiles are also extremely strong and will not stain or tarnish, keeping your bathroom looking amazing for years to come.

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I am delighted with my new wetroom. The quality and workmanship was excellent. The design and new layout has done away with the need to clean behind and around exposed pipework. It is great!