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Before & after – a modern bathroom for a recently extended cottage

Mr & Mrs H. Sopley, Christchurch

Our client’s bathroom was originally a very cramped layout for a good size family bathroom. The corner bath took up a great deal of space and made the room look incredibly dated. The radiator behind the door meant the door could not open fully and the high raised shower was not only ugly, but a potential hazard. The small floor tiles did not help with the feeling of spaciousness and the floor standing WC and pedestal basin certainly were not contributing either.

The aim was to bring the bathroom totally up to date with the latest designs and technology that Christchurch Bathrooms has to offer. Our designers wanted to maximise the space so we could highlight the features better and really give that feeling of opulence that many people crave. We worked with the client, playing with ideas until everyone was happy with the new design.

The Duravit wall hung WC and basin unit was the first place to start. The ability to be able to see under the furniture is not only easier to clean but also gives a fantastic impression of space as you can see more of the floor. In doing this, we removed all the unsightly boxing which also helps to keep the space clean.

The new shower tray was very low profile, instantly making it safer for the client, but also visually creating a more minimalist finish due to there being no step. The enclosure is also completely frameless, contributing to the minimalistic design desired by our client. The layout was then transformed by the addition of one of our beautiful solid surface baths. During the design process we moved the WC opposite the basin unit and in doing so created far more space for the free standing bath, so much so, we could even install the towel rail next to it.

Following on from the first fix, we needed to make sure the choice of tiles was absolutely perfect for the finished room. We regularly visit our supplier’s showrooms in Europe to keep up to date with all the latest trends and so we can be completely confident in our ability to work with you to make the right choice for your new bathroom. In this case, we decided to use large format floor tiles and matching wall tiles on three walls which again are easier to clean and look stunning. The decision was then made to show off the bath by standing it against a feature wall of 3D split-face porcelain tiles.

We are delighted that we can proudly show this new family bathroom to you. Mr & Mrs H. were very happy with the final result. We hope you agree and we would love you to
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